We empower your users to be more productive by ensuring they can seamlessly access the applications and data they need to do their job

Inframon provides full endpoint management for your organisation and ensures end users can securely and quickly access all the applications and data they need to perform their jobs


The explosion of devices has created a number of new challenges around delivering applications and securing endpoints and data.

The challenge is magnified due to the mix of corporate and user owned devices being used for work purposes. For this reason many organisations struggle to provision access to corporate applications and resources, while maintaining security and compliance.
Inframon help remove this pain by providing a fully managed service where we secure and manage your mobile devices and ensure your data is secured.


Managed Mobility

Productive workers are increasingly working across multiple devices, at least one of which is a mobile phone or tablet. These devices may be owned by the corporation but equally they may be personally owned. Inframon can manage these devices and the application data that resides on it for you.

Managed Applications

Provisioning access to corporate applications is critical to empowering your users to work anywhere on any device. Inframon helps you build an application delivery strategy that leverages traditional installations, all the way through to cloud delivered applications.

Managed Identity

One of the biggest challenges faced when consuming cloud based services is extending your existing identity management solution to the cloud. However as organisations consume more cloud services it is becoming increasingly more critical to ensure that identities are unified and controlled. Inframon helps you with the challenge by managing both your on- premise identity, along with providing cloud based identity management and security.

Intellectual Property is critical to your business and yet many organisations fail to secure their data against leakage and theft. Our solutions can help you build a robust data security model and provide ongoing support and maintenance of the solution.


The goal of the IT department is to deliver applications to end users on any device which enables them to do their job.

The challenge for any organisation in achieving this is making sense of the myriad of presentation and deployment tools to create a deployment strategy to meet the requirements. This must be mindful of security and identity needs and ensure that the experience is identical across mobile and desktop.


Cloud Delivered Applications

Using technology like Azure Remote App you are able to remove significant hardware and third party software costs by delivering applications via the cloud. We can help you assess the suitability and manage the ongoing delivery of these cloud applications.

Cloud Integrated Applications

Many departments outside of IT are increasingly purchasing and consuming cloud based services without the involvement of traditional IT. This raises many challenges around security and identity. Inframon solves this problem by helping you design and implement a single-sign on and identity platform that unifies on-premise identity with cloud services.

Consistent Application Experience

You want to be able to deliver to your end users a consistent experience as they consume your applications across multiple devices. To do this we can help you design, implement and operate a standardised model with the right mix of technology to provide your users with the experience they demand.


We believe that Windows 10 is set to be one of the biggest releases in decades. Are you position to take advantage of this?

There’s no denying that Windows 8 and 8.1 wasn’t the success that Microsoft hoped. Having learned from this experience Microsoft is now set to release the biggest and most highly anticipated desktop release since Windows 7. The introduction of the enterprise app store and the universal app could fundamentally change the way in which your users interact with their devices.


Operating System Deployment

Your organisation is a mix of well-connected desktop machines through to mobile tablets that are rarely on the corporate network. Managing and deploying a new operating system to all your machines is a challenge. Inframon have both technical and business experience to help you every step of the way.

Self Service

Users these days want to be empowered and able to search, find and install the applications and services they need to do their job. However you need to balance this against your software assets and ensure costs are controlled. We can unleash this capability for you while adding strict authorisation controls on chargeable assets.

Security and Compliance

Many people fail to realise that Microsoft have made significant investments in anti-virus and anti-malware solutions that are built into the core product set. This, combined with compliance management, means you able to see at a moment’s notice if your estate is protected and fully update compliant.

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