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We enable you to keep pace with your business to deliver scalable, on-demand services in an agile and cost effective manner

To continue to deliver scalable and elastic services to your business, you will need to truly embrace both private and public cloud solutions. But how do you stay ahead of the curve and design and build systems that will withstand tomorrow’s demand? With our close relationship with Microsoft, and a joined-up approach to implementation and a proven support framework, we can help you navigate, plan, deliver and support this brand new world of computing


Building and maintaining a hybrid cloud solution can be complex, time consuming and difficult to staff.

We can help you build a solution that stretches across your data centre, our data centre and the public cloud. Our end-to-end solutions take the headache away by providing you with the combination of people and know-how to design, build and operate your hybrid cloud platform. This provides scalability and flexibility to rapidly provision new services, while maintaining control by hosting your data in the location most appropriate to your business needs. Through our partnerships with Cisco, Netapp and Microsoft we provide full turnkey solutions all the way from the hardware to the software layer.


Managed Private Cloud

Inframon bring extensive experience in designing, building and managing private cloud platforms. We can leverage your existing hypervisor investments and by building net new Hyper-V solutions deliver a flexible, scalable and on demand private cloud solution.

Managed Hosted Cloud

Your business may require the feature and benefits of the public cloud but be constrained by legal or contractual constraints. This is why Inframon offer our own managed hosted cloud that you can use to run some, or all, of your workloads in, with the assurance of knowing exactly where your data resides.

Managed Public Cloud

The public cloud is a fast moving environment with major implications for networking, identity and user access. As an early adopter of the cloud, Inframon can help you navigate this world and manage your public cloud environment for you.


Does your monitoring solution deliver you real time end user experience and highlight the root cause of any issue? Do you have a standardised approach to ensure your applications are highly available and your data is protected?

Inframon delivers a single service that takes the management headache out of running your core applications. Either on premise or through our hosted platform we can provide end-to-end monitoring, backup, anti-virus, replication and patching of your service. Our service includes break/fix support so you can focus on managing your applications and not the infrastructure supporting your apps.


Deep Monitoring

Our background at Inframon is monitoring and we’ve maintained this pedigree as we’ve grown and expanded our business. We have a wealth of real world experience in building monitoring solutions that deliver real-time user experience monitoring and sexy dashboards.

Service Continuity

Inframon have a collection of tools and patterns that can be used to build a robust continuity plan for your applications. We will ensure your application remains both highly available and your core data is protected in the event of a disaster.

Patching and Compliance

Loss of confidential data and hacking of key services is one of every CIO’s top concerns. A key defence to this is to ensure your services and services are fully patched and anti-virus is up to date. Inframon can build automated patching/anti-virus solutions that deliver this defence.


Are you certain that your critical business functions can continue to operate in the event of a disaster or a serious event? Do you have the time to continuously manage and test these solutions?

Inframon can help you make sense of all the different tools available to build a set of processes, activities and solutions that work together in case of any significant event to ensure your business continues to operate at optimum.


Managed Disaster Recovery

Inframon offer a range of managed DR Services that enable you to replicate your key line of business services to a secondary data centre, Inframon’s data centre or Windows Azure. Inframon deliver full end-to-end configuration, orchestration and ongoing support and testing.

Managed Desktop

If you lost access to one or more of your key locations how do you ensure users can continue to work? Through Inframon’s managed desktop solution, users will be able to remotely connect to our environment and continue business as usual.

Managed Backup

Backup and protection of your key data sources is a core requirement of every business. Yet organisations rarely have a unified and standardised approach and rely heavily on physical solutions. Inframon can remove this headache for you and protect your key assets and provide ongoing support and maintenance of the solution.


Does your ITSM solution help your organisation be more effective or is it a burdensome administrative tool? Do you want to automate key routine tasks such as starters and leavers?

The very backbone of an IT organisation is how it orchestrates activities and processes between teams. Inframon can host or build a highly automated ITSM solution that helps your team focus on delivering value to your customers, rather than filling in forms


IT Process Automation

IT organisations must find efficiencies in order to deliver more with a fixed amount of resources. Automating your IT processes not only saves time, but also increases standardisation and compliance. Inframon can help you build and maintain your service offerings to ensure they continue to evolve and deliver value to your business.

ITIL management

Finding a suitable ITSM platform can be a difficult task. There is often a trade-off between customisation and supportability. Inframon can solve this problem for you by being responsible for building and supporting your entire ITIL system. This allows you the best of both worlds, with a highly customised solution that is 100% supported.

Asset management

Do you monitor, maintain and control your assets? Inframon can extend your existing tools to manage both IT and non-IT assets to ensure you have a systematic process of deploying, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets in the most cost efficient manner possible.


Microsoft has made significant investment to make Hyper-V an enterprise grade solution that seamlessly integrates with existing Microsoft tools. This provides the opportunity to remove significant hypervisor costs by moving in part or wholly to Hyper-V.

Inframon were nominated early on by Microsoft to be a part of the Platform Modernization Alliance and have worked with some of Microsoft’s largest enterprise customers to migrate them from VMWare to Hyper-V.

VMware migration platform (VMP)

Migration Planning

Before embarking upon a migration project it’s important to perform a thorough assessment of your existing network, storage and compute resources.

Inframon will design and build a detailed migration plan that addresses the migration requirements but also resolves any underlying inefficiencies, such as wasted storage.

Managed Migrations

During the migration process there are a number of technical and process prerequisites that need to be managed. Inframon manages these requirements and coordinates resources and processes throughout the migration

Technical Training

One of the biggest hurdles facing a migration project is upskilling the existing team to be able to manage both hypervisor environments. To help you resolve this issue, Inframon provide a number of training options delivered by staff members who have experience deploying and operating a multi hypervisor environment.


Windows Server 2003 was one of Microsoft’s most successful server operating systems. As such many organisations made significant investment in this platform and have found themselves struggling to migrate to a modern operating system as it approaches end of life.

Inframon understand these challenges, that range from application compatibility through to application team engagement. Unfortunately this is no silver bullet but Inframon have a set of tools and best practices that can be used to help you eliminate this risk from your environment.

Legacy Migrations Platform (lMP)


Often one of the biggest challenges holding back a migration is a lack of understanding of what is in your environment. Inframon can deploy tools to do a discovery of all assets and the dependency between those assets.


Building a robust plan of action that covers both people, applications and technology is the key to a successful migration. Inframon provide full planning and assessment services to determine which route is the best to take for each platform and how to achieve the end goal.


Inframon provide a remote or hosted migration platform that coordinates the various actors and technologies to ensure a seamless migration of your assets to a modern operating system.

Let Inframon manage, build and operate your hybrid cloud platform and allow your teams to focus on delivering new solutions and services to your business.

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