Fixed Price Windows 10 Migration

Increase your productivity by migrating to Windows 10

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Enabling e­ffective migration from older versions of Windows desktop to Windows 10 is a challenge.

Understanding how to move users with little or no downtime, enabling the right new features, ensuring you have the same desktop management control and truly understanding migration costs all need to be taken into consideration as part of a comprehensive migration plan.


Why move to Windows 10?

There are a variety of reasons to migrate, including:

• Take advantage of the most secure Windows ever
• Double your productivity with more innovative tools
• Faster-to-done , and loaded with multi-tasking features
• A more personal experience

The Inframon fixed price migration

As a certified and trusted Microsoft Cloud transformation specialist, we are experts in helping customers migrate and realise the benefits of Windows 10. Our Windows 10 fixed price offer is delivered in four stages:

1. Envision
2. Windows 10 Desktop Image
3. Transformation Planning
4. Desktop Migration

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